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Android : On the final Sunday before Election Day 2020, I’m joining forces with the AZ Wonder Women for one last phone bank to #FlipAZBlue!

Join us and make a difference:…

Android : This is crazy. they refer to a lot of celebrities as super spreaders. Please explain. And who ever thought all these folks would do a psa for how good TRUMP was doing taming the vid? This guy wants talent and brains to love him. Always did. #sad…

Android : #Michigan!Black, brown and young voters were PURGED from the polls in 2016. This short film shows MLK Jr’s cousin #purged.

Urgent! Go to to see if you’ve been #purged. #MI allows registering/voting on Nov 3!

Watch the film here.

Android : T-minus 4... #EndTheChaos #EndTrumpism

Chapter 9. Now Streaming.
#TheMandalorian #DisneyPlus

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Android : If you’re like me and you’re craving a little humanity and hilarity, grab a joint and watch my stand-up special #ChelseaHandlerEvolution streaming on HBO Max now.

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Android : Honestly? THIS! 🔥 Stream Chelsea Handler: Evolution on HBO Max.

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Android : Sick of Trump's sycophants in congress spreading hate and lies? We can still turn 2 house seats blue in MI and PA, but only if we raise the money needed for this crucial, final push. Let's get to 10k tonight!

Donate now:…

Android : 'MASH' star Alan Alda breaks his political silence to speak out against Trump: 'Science is at stake, as is our very breath' #SmartNews…

Android : Sopranos began in 1999. I remember looking at the women in that show and wishing I looked like that.Now-all these years later I realized I looked better and still do. This is what women do to themselves!!So crazy. Love yourself bitches. I hope younger women are smarter than me