keolebile Mmoke🇿🇦💐💕🥑 ☕ rooibos girl❣ (@Keolebile )

keolebile Mmoke🇿🇦💐💕🥑 ☕ rooibos girl❣

Bio Mother of two Boys 💕
God loves 💖us all🌎
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My sis is MUA @Beatbytheglow
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Android : If you surrender to God, He is faithful to forgive. Surrender your life to Him. Let God lead your path and make your way straight. Let God order your steps. When you are in Christ, you have the choice to step out of bondage and walk in His Light. Condemnation is a decision.

Android : Being a woman is dangerous.
You go to work, you are not safe.
You go to church, you are not safe.
You go to the Post Office, you are not safe.
You go to school, you are not safe.
You go to your own home, you are not safe.

Rapists are everywhere. #Ufelani