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iPhone : When my single friends ask me what marriage is like I show them this video and say “It’s a lot of this”

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iPhone : Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck Kamala Harris. These are unequivocally evil people. They have thought nothing of putting a boot to PoC throats to climb the ladder of politics. I’m tired of being told by liberals “strangle this puppy or we’ll kill everyone.” Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck. You.

iPhone : There is no difference in illiteracy and severe cognitive impairment between liberals and and conservatives. None. Abject pieces of shit, all.

iPhone : I fucking hate liberals. Go tongue-kiss your Fox News friends. Fuck MSNBC with their tongue so far up racist gaping buttholes.

iPhone : 2A boner-havers: This is what you’ve been waiting for, the time to shoot actual fascists in the face is now but you cower are home. Weird! twitter.com/ellorysmith/st…