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Sprinklr Publishing : DIY Cake&Crafts Hey there! We recommend 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per cup when brewing a carafe. Please note that the maximum capacity for regular ground coffee is 15 tablespoons, and exceeding this amount may cause overflow. Enjoy your K-Duo Plus™!. #HappyBrewing! ☕

Sprinklr Publishing : Kristin Piazza We're sorry to hear about your experience, Kristin, and understand your frustration. Please send us a DM with your contact information. We will have a Customer Service leader contact you directly.

Sprinklr Publishing : Eboni. We want to help, and our Customer Care team is standing by for assistance. Please reach out to them by phone at 866-901-2739 or by email at so you can be brewing again quickly!

Sprinklr Publishing : Kelsey Alsip Let us have your contact details by DM, Kelsey, and we'll ask someone to call you directly.…

Sprinklr Publishing : Kelsey Alsip Hi Kelsey, our Customer Care team will be happy to help sort this out. Give them a call on 866-901-2739. You can also email here:

Sprinklr Publishing : Mariano Pendleton Hey Mariano. We're here to help! We don't want you to miss out on your favorite lattes and cappuccinos. Call us at 866-901-2739 or email via, so our Consumer Care team can sort this out for you. ☕

Twitter Web App : ✨Arielle✨ How about a K-Duo, Arielle? Then you get the best of both worlds:…

Twitter Web App : Moneybagg Ro💰💓 Oh no! Our team will be happy to help fix it. You can reach them on 866-901-2739, or by email here:…

Twitter Web App : Alyssa This is why we have such a generous drip tray, Alyssa 🙂

Sprinklr Publishing : Andrew L. We'd love to help you with this, Andrew. Please get in touch with our Customer Care team at 866-901-2739 or via email here: They will be happy to assist you further. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Sprinklr Publishing : Candice Maniga We're sorry to hear about this experience, Candice. Please DM us your phone number and someone from our Customer Care team will be in touch with you directly. Thank you.

Sprinklr Publishing : Travis Bravata Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Travis. Please send us a Direct Message with your brewer's serial number and your contact information. We would like to have our specialists contact you directly to sort this out for you.…

Sprinklr Publishing : Steve jones We want to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible. Our team is currently looking into this and will reach out to you via email as requested.

Sprinklr Publishing : C.V.O. No problem. You can write us an email as well. Thank you.

Sprinklr Publishing : C.V.O. Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us. We'd like to check your K-Elite to see what's going on. Please call us at 866-901-2739 or email us at We'll try to resolve this issue directly. Thank you.