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Trumps stunt with the Bible was a message to the Cult of the Shining City and the white supremacist Christianity that has taken over the American Right and how it endangers all of us in ways you cant even imagine.


iPhone : Yes my warnings about authoritarianism all came true -- but NONE of this was hard to predict.

You should ask why so many people with power lied about what was right in front of us and why they were willing to sacrifice the lives of the most vulnerable in the service of that lie.

iPhone : “Blue Lives” don’t exist. No one was born a cop. It was chosen. It can be unchosen. twitter.com/navyvetbolt81/…

iPhone : Donald Trump holding a Bible upside down is truly Waiting for Guffman territory.

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iPhone : Where are those brave military leaders who were going to be the adults in the room and keep Trump in check? Surely they have spoken out as much as they can to preserve the American Dream, right? They wouldn't just be spineless and worthless?

iPhone : Trump just threatened to deploy active US military on US soil! 2nd Amendment zealots rise up!! The police state you have feared is HERE. Sons Of Liberty WHERE ARE YOU?!

iPhone : America’s military, our sons and daughters, will place themselves at risk to protect their fellow citizens. Their job is unimaginably hard overseas; harder at home. Respect them, for they respect you. America is not a battleground. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy. #BeBetter