#Vote #CloseTheCamps ✍️ #HandMarkedPaperBallots ✍ (@KimKimbowman )

#Vote #CloseTheCamps ✍️ #HandMarkedPaperBallots ✍

Bio Loves life, family and animals. I want a better world for the future. I want America back. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
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Twitter Web App : It’s no longer enough for us to sit around and say racism is bad. IT’S CRIMINAL. The good cops of this country need to hold their racist brothers accountable for their crimes.

Twitter Web App : BLOCKBUSTER report of a huge potential conflict by Pence's chief of staff, Marc Short. FBI must investigate this! Short's leading the office running the coronavirus task force. He also holds major investments in companies affected by the pandemic response.

Twitter Web App : He can’t run on the economy, so he’ll run against Obama.

He can’t run on his pandemic response, so he’ll run against “voter fraud.”

He can’t run on health care, so he’ll run against the “deep state.”

He can’t run on bringing the country together, so he’ll run against Twitter.

Twitter Web App : It’s the day after we hit the 100,000 milestone and President Trump still hasn’t tweeted about it. But this morning, he has already re-tweeted several posts calling for his political opponents to be jailed — including Obama, Biden and Clinton.

Twitter Web App : The man with 80 million Twitter followers complains that Twitter is trying to silence conservatives.

Twitter Web App : More than anything, Joe Biden knows how to bounce back from grief. He's the right person to help America do that right now. twitter.com/JoeBiden/statu…

Twitter Web App : 📺 After 35 years, Kentuckians are still waiting for the kinds of opportunities #RichMitch has worked so hard to give himself.

👉 This ad is on TV and digital media in Leader McConnell’s home state TODAY. Pitch in now to help: secure.anedot.com/the-lincoln-pr…

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Twitter Web App : The president of the United States shared a video that begins “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” but Kathy Griffin gets suspended? If only we held the leader of our country to the same standard as we hold comedians.

Twitter Web App : Over the past 75 days I’ve done everything by the book. The 5 times I left the house I took every precaution (masks, social distancing + hand washing.) After 4 days of symptoms I just learned that I tested positive for Covid-19.

Please. From the bottom of my heart, be careful.

Twitter Web App : Rush Limbaugh is a convicted drug criminal who never got a police knee to the neck for his crimes. twitter.com/mmfa/status/12…

Twitter Web App : He literally signed warrantless surveillance of Americans into law on January 19, 2018, with the reauthorization of FISA 702. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

Twitter Web App : Twitter fact checks two of his tweets after more than a decade of spewing racism, insanity and bullying and he threatens to shut down social media. Two tweets. If you don’t think this guy would be the most brutal dictator ever, you’re not paying attention. Donald J. Trump