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Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump I don’t think Trump knows how unpopular he really is... 😳

Washington, DC this hour doesn’t look like one of his Mar Largo weekends.

He can’t even walk down the street without tear gas and military backup...

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Twitter Web App : The MAGA president of the firm I work for just walked into our office and said how proud he was of Donald Trump and his leadership.

I lost my shit and now I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be looking for a new job.

Resume forthcoming.

Twitter Web App : President Trump just compared this current national crisis to a "war" on the call with governors, per a person on it. And he urged the governors to "fight back." Monday, just before noon eastern.

Twitter Web App : I'm in touch with someone who's on the governors' call with President Trump right now. They and others listening in are alarmed. The president is urging governors to take back the streets, not be "weak," and use force as the nation faces growing racial unrest.

Twitter Web App :…

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Twitter Web App : At this point, my only requirememts for whom to support for President, is NOT a racist and NOT a coward who hides during a national time of crisis.

NOT making crap up and NOT casually suggesting Americans ingest bleach, would be nice too.

Twitter Web App : No patriotic American should brandish or proudly celebrate the iconography of a rebellion that resulted in tremendous devastation, the loss of more than 620,000 American lives, and the continued subjugation of Black America.

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Twitter Web App : Trump allowing the White House lights to be dimmed and his evacuation to the PEOC are acts of cowardice. He quakes and melts under pressure. He is falling apart. He is weak and derelict in his duty.…

Twitter Web App : Trump is going to absolutely love the contrast between this and stories of him scurried to a concrete bunker because they could hear chants outside.…

Twitter Web App : Biden went out to a protest site to listen to folks today. The President hid in the White House bunker because there were protesters across the street.

Tells you all you need to know.