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I love Jesus, my Family, President Trump and our great Nation! God bless America!

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Twitter Web App : ‘Offensive Nonsense’: Josh Hawley Demands Answers From NBA Over Relationship With China…

Twitter Web App : The enemy seeks a reality where every person views each other as a disease; a threat to their own safety. This is because a separated humanity will destroy itself. But one smile can change someones day. We need each other. Take off the mask. Humanity isnt a disease.

Twitter Web App : You know me, I only dig so far into any predictions or theories. I basically just make fun of everything after it happens.

But I have to admit, this Wayfair thing, is just plain creepy weird.

Twitter Web App : Sneaking into the picture ... !! 🐶📷

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Twitter Web App : I wonder if we'll ever know who is in those tapes? 🤔

Ghislaine Maxwell filmed US politicians with underage girls, former pal claims…

Twitter Web App : The Five look comment on I//an Oma7
funneling money to her boyfriend

She is a Wikileaks for the Middle East
I guess not more than 0bummer was.

Left is crazy communist Antifa radicals
Republican congressmen have no balls
The silent majority can’t stay silent know more.

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Twitter Web App : Reporter Pepe What s your deal? Want to hog it all to yourself?

So you've added another layer, but that does not make the rest a psyop. How do you explain this? His post is dated 2016.…

Twitter Web App : Problem for (them) is , we’re going to find out the truth about it all regardless

Lose lose for them. We will unturn every stone…

Twitter Web App : Mayor Jenny Durkan Really? Cuz it's in the NDAA that they can and that was there long before Trump! Explain.

Explain to America how your partners in crime handed our Nation over to CAIR!

You open your mouth and lies just fall out of it.

Twitter Web App : #Pelosi needs to retire NOW! She only cares about herself and how she can rip off Americans using taxpayer $$

Maryland Governor Blasts Pelosi’s Indifference to Baltimore Vandalism…

Twitter Web App : Why Adam Schiff Adam - because you don't have anything to make another coup attempt with?

Adam Schiff: Country ‘At Jeopardy’ Without Trump's Financial Records -… ✅
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