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iPhone : i was today years old when i found out that pictures from the Civil Rights Movement were originally taken in color and purposefully shown to us in black and white to make us think it was a long time ago

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Twitter Web App : I study and exist, but how I want to just draw pictures

Twitter Web App : Theres always time for fun...Its Friday night.

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Android : Telegram Messenger When I press the paper clip and the gallery pops up and I long press the camera button it takes me to my stock android camera on my note 9. So what can I do to be taken to my stock recording app so I can send my 60 fps recordings. Previous versions allowed you to send📽

NSFW Liker. please follow at own risk :)

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pixiv: Post to Twitter : [R-18] Zeus x Alexander #筋肉 #fgo #Fate/GrandOrder #Zeus #アレキサンダー pixiv.net/artworks/81339…

Android : Activism is not terrorism. Without activism, we won’t be aware of the injustices around us. Without criticism, we won’t be able to correct the wrong. The absence of both will only let fascism thrive in the nation, which is sweet taste to those who lust for power. #JunkTerrorBill