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Android : I'm in elon musk's replies trying to get him to acknowledge the difference between communism and anarcho-syndicalism. he sends me a le troll face gif and thirty guys immediately DM me my own home address

Android : if i was a billionaire i would simply spend all my time wearing cashmere juicy tracksuits and drinking smoothies in a conversation pit at my tax-haven cliffside evil lair and never log on to twitter dot com, i don’t know why this is so hard for some people

Android : Something I love about Grill Culture is that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a hotdog and a hamburger and then say “I think I’m gonna have another hotdog” which would be seen as absolutely chaotic in any other setting

Android : cool that we'll debate into an early grave about whether or not it's moral to destroy property or riot but cops and militiamen and vigilantes can just straight up murder protesters for weeks confident there will be no media focus or retaliation. if i say more i will get banned.

Android : one and a quarter pound plates are just the cutest little things. i want to get a whole set of them and use them as coasters