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iPhone : I may have been wrong about Kelly Loeffler owning Dominion stock. I made up for it by being right to toss @lindseygraham in #WorldOfTheBlocked. Before getting some rest, I am sending Brian Kemp down below to join Lindsey for cocktails.

Back at it tomorrow, Patriots. Keep fighting.…

iPhone : General Mike Flynn General Flynn is a truth-giver. When he speaks, listen carefully.

Rampant absentee voter fraud & Chinese Dominion voting machines = Electoral votes to GA & new down ballot election in GA in January.

Get it done NOW, Brian Kemp…

iPhone : I think there is a heck of a lot of Communist China money in Georgia. Are you bothered by that fact or is it just me?

#FightBack Against Communism

iPhone : I may not have all pieces to puzzle right but something is rotten in GA related to Dominion voting machines. An investigation of GA officials linked to purchase & use of Dominion machines MUST be undertaken.

Does anyone in GA trust those machines in runoff election? I do not.

iPhone : Wow! My eyes been opened since -11/3. I see more clearly now. We have too many career politicians who only care about money & power, not We The People. Too many Communist China sympathizers, socialist Democrats & disloyal Republicans. They are more alike than they are different.

iPhone : I concur with The People on Lindsey Graham. He promises action & never does anything of substance. All talk & drink. Lindsey is now safely confined eternally in the hot swamp partition of the #WorldOfTheBlocked where he can continue to get nothing done. Bye, Lindsey.

iPhone : I respect your service & sacrifice for country, Dan Rep. Dan Crenshaw. But I have lost respect for you given your false attacks on me for speaking truth & more importantly, your failure to support Donald J. Trump & attack election fraud, Dan. Off to #WorldOfTheBlocked you go, Dan.…

iPhone : I am consistent in revealing that I am imperfect. I meant 2020. I have a feeling at the current rate, it will be $0 in 2030 for Republicans. I’m fact, I am beginning to think that In the future I will only donate to American Patriot Party!…

iPhone : If you are willing to allow a national election to be stolen by fraud & then once again vote in another fraudulent election, it does not matter who claims to be in control of what. Study 3rd world countries

We can NOT allow the United States of America to be a 3rd world country.…

iPhone : I love a free America. I love The People. I love God.

I say so with no reservations whatsoever. None.


iPhone : Thank you & God bless you, Sola.

I will block it out after I call it out.

I have a peace of mind that passeth all understanding. I thank the Lord for that gift every day & night when I speak with My Best Friend.

#FightBack for Truth…

iPhone : I speak truth. I am being attacked because I am truthfully calling out Republicans who do not truly support Donald J. Trump.

They cannot attack the truth of message so they falsely attack the messenger.

We sure are seeing things more clearly in 20/20.…

iPhone : I have been attacked by big wig Republicans; have had complaints filed to take law license; have had life & family threatened; have been attacked with frivolous lawsuit; have been called a Democrat & a grifter; etc.

What will I do?

I will keep speaking TRUTH. I am fearless.