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iPhone : 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
ATTENTION: In an exciting crossover event, the Denver Broncos have a

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Twitter Web App : SB Nation pays what Im sure is a lot of money to have access to high-quality Getty Sports and USA Today images for its varying sites, just like this stunning work of photography and editing that is the first search result for Kansas City Royals

iPhone : This is an unpopular opinion but the series ended perfectly after the sixth book and should not have continued afterwards, so it’s nice that we’re getting the better ending on TV…

Twitter Web App : clueless pilot has no idea he is in a love triangle. in space…

iPhone : Thanksgiving turkey is the most overrated meat of all time, so obviously you’d do anything you could to make it better. I stand with Patrick…

iPhone : Shaun Newkirk Personally, I think he’s clearly an above average quarterback, but unlike Mahomes I think that his early MVP season will prove to be a huge outlier in performance for him.

iPhone : Shaun Newkirk Coming into today he ranked 18th in Rating, 18th in QBR, 14th in TD%, 15th in INT%, and 22nd in ANY/A.

He’s still talented, obviously, but there’s been a big drop in his output from last year.

iPhone : Doom: Eternal is quite similar to playing a very fast racing game, except you’re driving a gun and the turns are demons

iPhone : Me when my friend of 10+ years who has been single the whole time finally changes his Facebook status to “in a relationship”