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Buffer : "It is periods of disaster, unrest and unprecedented collective experiences that often lead to the biggest social change."

Cllr Kelly Grehan on why Labour must argue now for a better way of life for the people of this country:

LabourList : WATCH: Yvette Cooper says "in cross-party spirit" she will not vote against Tory immigration bill at second reading:

LabourList : WATCH: Labour says that the Immigration Bill sends a signal to key frontline workers in the Covid-19 crisis – many of whom earn under £25,600 – that they are "unskilled and unwelcome":

LabourList : NEW: Forward Momentum unveils slate for internal Momentum elections:

Buffer : "We are now a mass of dedicated activists fighting for a better world. And in this new era, it is time that a new generation of leaders put their ideas into practice."

Jon Lansman on why he's not standing in Momentum’s elections:

Twitter Web App : The Tories are spending £billions of public money on private contractors in response to Covid-19 with no transparency, no consideration that Councils & public health teams may be better placed to deliver & no accountability. We will hold them to account >>…

Buffer : "Despite promises from government that we would receive “everything we need” to counter the impact of the outbreak, so far councils have received about 30% of the money we require."

Andrew Western on Covid-19 and local government finances:

LabourList : Labour's NEC is set to decide whether it should switch to a preferential voting system for electing local party representatives, as urged by Open Labour, the Electoral Reform Society, Compass and Labour MPs including Clive Lewis:

LabourList : "Using STV to elect the NEC's nine CLP seats could help pave the way for a 21st-century modernisation programme within the Labour Party."

Clive Lewis MP on why Labour should change its voting system for electing local party reps on the NEC:

Buffer : A new campaign group 'Momentum renewal' has launched, Unite urges the government to work with trade unions and employers to agree a post-Covid plan and the immigration bill returns to the Commons – missed Sienna Rodgers's morning briefing? Catch up here:

Twitter Web App : Teachers are hard at work supporting children's learning and looking after their welfare - we're not just twiddling our thumbs.

We want to re-open, but only when it's safe

👇me for LabourList…

LabourList : "The government’s motivations are laid bare in their choice of which pupils should come back first."

James McAsh updates us on what it’s like to be a school teacher during the coronavirus crisis:

LabourList : NEW: Labour has called for the government to take action to help PAYE freelancers in the creative industries and media:

Buffer : "The transition period ends in seven months’ time. Few people believe it is possible to agree a deal by then, even without the delays caused by the Covid-19 crisis."

Richard Corbett on how the Tories are forcing a no-deal Brexit amid the Covid-19 crisis:

Twitter Web App : "Even in an emergency, the government must be able to show whether and why outsourcing is necessary instead of funding the public sector to deliver."

Shadow minister for the Cabinet Office Helen Hayes on government outsourcing during Covid:…

Twitter Web App : My call to the Chancellor ⁦Rishi Sunak⁩ in ⁦LabourList⁩ - let’s work together to establish a National Council for Recovery to deliver the industrial strategy we need for a fairer, greener post #COVID19 economy... ⁦Unite the union⁩…

LabourList : "Labour has a historically poor record of confronting the Tories on an ideological level."

Joan Twelves on how we must #BuildBackBetter after Covid-19 for a future based on solidarity and socialism:

LabourList : A message to you, Rishi – Sienna Rodgers's morning briefing on Momentum news, the immigration bill and a post-Covid plan for the country:

Buffer : The reopening schools has not been approached "in the right way so far", says Labour. Rayner and Reeves on the Sunday politics shows, calling for the government to publish the evidence behind the decision and work with teachers, unions and parents: