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iPhone : Joy Reid Malcolm Nance Sarah Kendzior Naveed Jamali masha gessen Tony Schwartz David Cay Johnston Tim OBrien Hillary Clinton I knew. I expected nuclear not bioterrorism from our own president. He has been Putin's asset for years. We all knew that. He has weaponized Covid19 against Americans bc he follows Putin orders. The entire elected & appointed GOP cult has enabled Trump & joined his treason #ONEV1

iPhone : This!
NFL will play Lift Every Voice and Sing,’ Black national anthem, before each Week 1 game - Chicago Sun-Times chicago.suntimes.com/2020/7/2/21312…




youtu.be/EDrGpZljbQQ twitter.com/ChaplainheArt/…

iPhone : So if trump is mental ill, a sociopath and a white supremacist, what is the GOP’s excuse?


iPhone : We already do this in WA State. It's great! You can vote in the comfort of your own hm w/the voting pamphlet. You don't have to worry about long lines, weather or taking time out of work to vote. Each State should have the ability to #VoteByMail #NovemberIsComing
#ONEV1 twitter.com/One_Voice_1/st…

iPhone : Envelopes are already pre-stamped. If you don't want to use USPS we have various drop off locations throughout the county, that are manned by the auditor's office or you can put the ballot through the auditor's office ballot slot as well.
#VoteByMail #NovemberIsComing #ONEV1

iPhone : Trump .Donald J. Trump is a KKK White Supremecist with Nazi ideation.His campaign uses Nazi symbols in his campaign stores. MAGA,supporters,and people around him use White Power symbols and verbiage.

No place for this in No corner of our nation,from sea to shiny sea.
#ONEV1 twitter.com/michaelemann/s…

iPhone : Attention America...if we do not vote in large numbers, if we do not deliver the #BlueWave in November, Donald J. Trump could lose the election and remain President. Read the last section of this article, then retweet it. #Demcast #OneV1 #TheResistance

iPhone : Family in mourning for ‘gentle and kind’ son, whose death in Lewis Morris Park has been ruled a suicide

How is it possible so many young black men decide to travel many miles from home to hang them self from a tree in a public park?

#BLM morristowngreen.com/2020/07/01/fam…

iPhone : An extremely well researched and well written article.

A great read for allies of #BLM.

Even some PoC should read this, as we don’t all have the same experiences. But we can all stand to learn how to heal and how to help.



iPhone : Curious to know how many of you opened a new Twitter account in last 3 months because you're worried about Trump being re-elected?

Answer as I am interested in your comments.