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iPhone : 19 years ago, race, religion & politics didn’t matter — what mattered was that we were all Americans & we had been attacked.Not only can we #NeverForget that day,but we should always remember the way we came together as 1 American family. Together, Americans conquer any challenge

iPhone : These are my real words about our GREAT HEROES, not made up lies by the enemy. THANK YOU and God Bless You All!

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iPhone : Hey, Twitter — WHERE ARE YOUR FACT CHECKERS?? This is FALSE and yet you’ve allowed it to remain. Almost seems like you’re trying to sway an election. 🤔…

iPhone : We all know that that Biden doesn’t have a snowball’s chance to win, which is why the democrats will cheat — they always do. We would love your help - Volunteer to be a Trump Election Poll Watcher today! Let’s #KeepAmericaGreat

iPhone : The weirdest part of Bidens speech in Kenosha

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Twitter Web App : The contrast between the RNC and DNC emphasized the clear differences between Donald J. Trump & Joe Biden . Our president stands in defense of freedom and prosperity, while Biden embraces the radical left and its dreadful vision of #FoxNews

iPhone : “I think the message is he cares about each and every American…Throughout this country and Democrat-run cities, the people that are in charge, the mayors of these cities have let their citizens down.”—Lara Trump

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iPhone : Want to know if they are silencing conservatives? The tweet on the left was up for 5 hrs, then I realized something was wrong. I deleted and reposted. 53 mins later, already more likes and retweets. They’re worried about Nov 3rd. And they should be. #FourMoreYears 🇺🇸

iPhone : If you thought the RNC was light years better than the 4 day doom and gloom zoom call, also known as the DNC, then sign up here to help us win 👇🏽

iPhone : .CNN likes to pretend they put #factsfirst, but here is Anderson Cooper 360° letting Biden get away with a disgusting lie about Donald J. Trump with zero pushback.

I notice CNNs fact checker Daniel Dale has been silent on it too.

They are political activists cosplaying as journalists!

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