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Twitter Web App : Today we were asked to think about how we would explain a challenging diagnosis to a patient and their loved ones. I found this exercise so impactful.

In med school it's easy to get bogged down with the details of pathology but today reminded me medicine is all bout the people.

iPhone : Premeds, we may not have all the answers for this application cycle, but based on our past experiences, a group of docs came together and created a free med school application guide. Because we want to help level the playing field. #medtwitter #medappguide…

Twitter Web App : During my MD orientation, one of the speakers mentioned that “medical training tends to beat the empathy out of you.”

My question is why. Why do we insist on a model of training that saps you of your ability to see the humanity in others? Why do we accept this as the norm?

Twitter Web App : The "micro" in "microaggression", refers to their routine frequency, "not the scale of their impact".... and this story shows the major impact they have on the everyday lives of Black women in medicine. Please read until the very end.…

iPhone : “The federal assistance favors homeowners over renters, and because white households are more likely to own homes — a long-standing trend with roots in racist housing policy — they have more access to aid.”…