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Twitter Web App : In this #COVID19 era, do you order food delivered a lot? Watch this: "I don't want to do this job anymore! Five minutes standing out there in the rain, and no tip. NO TIP!"…

Twitter Web App : Up next on #SciFriLive📻, we're chatting with newly-appointed senior climate advisor to NASA, Gavin Schmidt (Gavin Schmidt) about satellites, weather, and decision-making when it comes to our climate.…

Twitter Web App : Great question posed by FDA Adv Comm member -- can a Johnson&Johnson 1-dose #COVID19 #vaccine be used as a booster 4 people who have been naturally infected, or survived COVID disease? Smart idea: a way to stretch US vax supplies, by targeting the already partially-immune folks.

Twitter Web App : MAZELTOV
84% of >70-yr-old Israelis have been fully #COVID19 vaccinated, mostly w/Pfizer Inc. product. And there has been a 67% drop in severe illness in the age group requiring ventilation.…

Twitter Web App : The U.S. FDA scientists assessment of Johnson&Johnson data concludes that the #COVID19 #vaccine is promising, but that its ability to work against the SoAfrican and Brazilian variant #SARSCoV2 strains cannot be evaluated at this time due to lack of data.

Twitter Web App : 2/ As an example of the fragility Bergman notes a fire broke out in one plastics factory and suddenly there is a global crisis in plastic boxes for sharps disposal, safely dealing with used needles during #COVID19 #vaccination . EpiPENS are running out to counter rare anaphylaxis

Twitter Web App : CRUCIAL: Stanley Bergman is the CEO of Henry Schein -- global PPE/medical supplies company. Addressing ColumbiaPublicHealth meeting he aid the global supply chain for all #COVID19 needs and vaccine-related equipment "is very, very fragile" and some countries continue to horde.

Twitter Web App : 2/ As vaccines have started rolling out in some (rich) countries, and social distancing relaxations went in place in response to dropped infection rates, we may be seeing an increase in risky behavior. People are tired of #COVID19 restrictions & euphoric abt #vaccines .

Twitter Web App : Outside of a small number of countries and specific situations, #COVID19 vaccination has not reached enough people to make a population-scale dent in infections. It seems clear the surge of Nov-January was due to a combo of holidays behaviors/mobility & the variants in key places…

Twitter Web App : The Johnson&Johnson new #vaccine data and debate will mostly take place this afternoon. All of this is public, and can be viewed on C-SPAN, YouTube & U.S. FDA website. This is a fully transparent process (in c ase you're worried about vaccine safety).

Twitter Web App : The U.S. FDA #COVID19 #vaccine advisory grp has so far heard from CDC & FDA scientists on surveillance of reactions to the Moderna & Pfizer Inc. 50 million doses admin'ed so far in USA -- all appears safe. Major effort rev'ing up to track variants & see if vaxes work on them.

Twitter Web App : Good news from World Health Organization (WHO) on the #H5N8 bird #flu cases in Russian farmers that caused concern last week: "All the 7 cases with PCR-positive results were clinically asymptomatic. All close contacts of these cases were clinically monitored, and no one showed signs of clinical illness."