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Twitter Web App : New on What Determines the Capital Share in the Long-Run? by E. Bengtsson, E. Rubolino, D. Waldenstrom. Institutional factors and political shifts appear to play a major role.……

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iPhone : Warren Hoskins (⧖) Lawrence ODonnell I would caution the data being reported out of certain politically charged countries. I can assure you that our doctors and scientists are exploring every potential treatment option. Science WILL ultimately win out but we need to bide our time and protect each other until then. : Millions Tune In For Dominic Cummings Briefing As PM Aide Defends Controversial Lockdown Trip

Sprout Social : As cases continue to increase across Latin America, the healthcare system could soon be overwhelmed.

In Lima, Peru, about 80% of ICU beds are occupied. In Santiago, Chile, about 90% are filled.

Outbreaks anywhere threaten health everywhere.…

iPhone : The #WHO warns of a 2nd peak of #COVID19 cases with increased mobility & some people not wearing #masks & #SocialDistancing - I talk about this with Dr. Craig Spencer MD MPH & we discuss #vaccines including the human trials at #oxforduniversity & new trials with Novavax.

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iPhone : برای کسانی که فکر می‌کنند قاسم سلیمانی «قهرمان» است؟ حتی خانواده‌ی کسانی که در تشیع جنازه نمایشی‌اش کشته شدند هم این روزها دنبال عدالت هستند. تا قاتلان ۱۵۰۰ نفر از کشته شدگان آبان و ۱۷۶ مسافر بی‌گناه هواپیما که با موشک سپاه کشته شدند در قدرت باشند، عدالتی در کار نخواهد بود…

TweetDeck : As we celebrate #MemorialDay today, we honor all the men and women who have given their lives to serve and protect this country.

Their tremendous sacrifices for our freedom will never be forgotten.

iPhone : Pence has been careful not to step in it. But he did say this on April 24: “I think honestly, if you look at the trends today, that I think by Memorial Day weekend we will have this coronavirus epidemic behind us.”…