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iPhone : New blog post on how I was able to find the 0-day used in unc0ver just 4 hours after it was released:…

Key takeaways:
1. Obfuscating an exploit doesn't hide the bugs.
2. Like SockPuppet, this bug could have been identified with simple regression tests.

Twitter Web App : The ideal Google user experience: Providing search results that don’t work, stolen from somewhere else, that everybody hates.…

Twitter Web App : How is this even on the first page of search results? Below is the entire content of the page. I have nothing against Cyware, good for them. But how is this a good search algo?

Twitter Web App : So many cases where shady content scrapers are posting thin content based on our work and ranking higher. What happened to your algorithms Google?

Twitter Web App : Google search results just keep getting worse. Its not only Pinterest everywhere, but scrapers and content aggregators posting a paragraph of your articles or articles based on yours, getting higher search rankings. Danny Sullivan…

Twitter Web App : панкак3 Same .. never heard of this connection either.

There was a very tenuous connection to these attacks, but only because of the…

iPhone : Security firm ███████ ████ confirms contractor exposed 'data breach database' of 5 billion records…