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Bio We bring the worlds best E-Bikes, Cargo Bikes, & City Bikes to #LdnOnt. We are #Frostbike & #IBikeIBuy519 226-289-2670🚲⚡☃️❤🏳️‍🌈🌅 CO2 @ Mauna Loa = 417 ppm
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Android : If you want to build a bike friendly Canada, join us as members of Vélo Canada Bikes. VCB is a high-performing organization representing everyday cyclists to the federal gov't. Funded by you, they work for you, to make cycling safer for your family in cities, towns, and rural areas.…

Android : More federal oil and gas subsidies. This kind of money could implement an all ages & abilities bike network in a city like #LdnOnt, permanently decreasing our dependence on oil, in our single largest emissions sector. Instead, we're literally burning it.…

Android : My fondest hope for climate deniers is that they survive long enough to experience the white-hot hatred of their grandchildren...…

Android : London Bicycle Café Ask any parent/grandparent thinking about their child leaving the house to walk, bike, scooter, rollerblade anywhere in their neighbourhood. Guaranteed the phrase they utter, either out loud or in their mind is “Watch out for cars!”

Android : Sometimes I forget how small manageable changes over years adds up to big changes like 'being hardcore' How you don't go from SUV driving soccer/hockey mom to winter cargo bike mom in a season - but here's how you get there (at least one way)

Android : The biggest challenges to implementing better cycling/walking infra isn't:
-popularity (they are popular!)
-knowledge about what works (we know how to design)
-impact on business (studies show positive)

The biggest obstacle is POLITICAL WILL!…

Android : I got "get off the road" 'ed! Haven't been "get off the road" 'ed in a long time. I was at an intersection. Loud Dudebro car pulled up beside me to turn, window down. Driver shouted "get off the road!" "No," I said. Then he vroom vroomed away tires squealing. #LdnOnt #LdnOntBike

Android : There is literally nothing the average person can do when streets are Dangerous by Design for a person riding a bike. Stop talking about personal choices and start building protected bike lanes, City of London.…

Android : That’s a familiar message. A powerful one and the right one. People riding right now are saving space for those that need it most.…

Android : Stronger than any helmet.
Louder than any bell
Brighter than any colour.
More effective than any tech.

Yes that’s right folks. And the good news is this miracle product already exists.
*political will sold separately

Android : Yesterday, Doug Ford said he wants to use the same system weve been using since 1867.

In 1867, people who could *not vote* in Ontario:
- women
- people who werent rich enough
- people who werent British subjects
- people under the age of 21

Change is a good thing. #onpoli

Android : I feel this. Since moving back to #LdnOnt I've never once felt like I've been able to let my guard down while riding on city streets. Crossing a street while walking is worse.…