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Twitter Web App : No covid concerns at the lake of the ozarks😳 #loto

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Twitter Web App : Going to have to leave the couch at some stage today.

Twitter Web App : AFP must be French for originality that is defined as not being able to play sports, make music or eat without staring deep into the abyss of a history of colonialism and a present of racism.

My choicest Eid greetings to AFP news agency’s original copywriters. twitter.com/afp/status/126…

Twitter Web App : As Kierkegaard said - Faith sees best in the dark.

A lot of us seem convinced it's our remit to darken the path that our faith and tradition has already lit.

Twitter Web App : So I was reminded of this very brief encounter narrated by Sheikh Hamza Yousef to which I retreat to from time to time.

I've found it to be one of the most profound and beautiful commentaries on faith and what it means.

"So I use my left hand"


Twitter Web App : I read that there was a model named Zara Abid who went down in the crash.

Have come across some predictable and ugly comments as to her station in the afterlife.

These are ofcourse based on her work.

Always been so taken aback by such hubris.

Twitter Web App : I have a...peculiar neurological condition so I've had to stand with PIA cabin crew during all my flights. The understanding, care and friendly conversations I've received from hostesses is unparalleled. Rest in peace lady twitter.com/ShirazHassan/s…

Twitter Web App : Bus yehi auqaat hai in logoN ki. twitter.com/geonews_urdu/s…

Twitter Web App : Ending of Ramzan always leaves me a little sad. Feels like a very good friend is leaving.

A very sombre Eid mubarak to all. Such trying times.Those of us lucky enough to have scraped by with our loved ones & financial situations intacts should be extra thankful & reflective.

Twitter Web App : Adnan Air crash investigation is a specific field of work.