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Bio .....My readiness and duty to defend, the flag of our republic. My devotion to the words of the national anthem..
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Twitter Web App : #ElChapo πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ It's been a decade since I saw you performing live. Thank you for such a great performance. Machozi ya Jana was the icing in the cake for me.

Twitter Web App : Scheaffer Okore "Me I am" wondering, of all the things to reopen, are/were restaurants essential? Where are people getting the money to go to spend at these restaurants?

Twitter Web App : Some will come out of this stronger and more empowered. ❀️…

Twitter Web App : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”…

Twitter Web App : Plaisir MUZOGEYE Old man's tooth/teeth. It's my favorite Virunga Volcano to ascend. Being in three countries at the summit reminds me that borders are just man made creations. I cannot wait to be back.

Android : My gut instinct - not at all an expert opinion, just an instinct based on what I've seen in some communities that I work with - is to have faith in African people. It's going to be hard, and the governments will complicate things, but I believe in African people.

Android : #CoronavirusWillShowUsThings #KOT 25 years ago if you were told an East African country had shut down the economy for health reasons while another had decided to keep doors open ostensibly for economic reasons: Tanzania would likely have been the former and Kenya the latter.

Android : Ibuka, Ibuka, ntukibagirwe na gato.
Ya minsi yamaganya
Amajoro yamarira
Ya mivu yamaraso
Ubwo abacu bashiraga... Ibuka. - Suzanne Nyiranyamibwa


Android : Running club Team Jasho Running Club signed up for Vitality Running World Cup. Participating countries need a captain with 5k followers on Social media. Coach Dedan has under 1k followers. We would like to nominate him as our Kenyan captain. Follow him IG @dedanmiricho Twitter @dmiricho

Twitter Web App : Nyungwe Marathon WAKA Hey. I purchased a ticket for someone who is running the double double and paid via mobile money. Today, they received an email stating that they neither paid nor indicated the run that they are taking part in. Please advice.

Android : SokoAnalyst We do. We lie to ourselves, we lie to our children, we lie to our friends, we elect our friends who are liars and castigated them for doing the very same thing that we are doing.