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iPhone : nature is not only healing.. they are preparing to eradicate the virus

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iPhone : Dawg these joints aren’t light at all

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Twitter for iPad : Imagine hating someone because the laws of the nature gave them melanin to cope with their environmental conditions LMAO Your ENTIRE self-esteem and worth is quite literally based solely on this idiotic thought process as a racist hahaha #Racist #Pathetic #COVID19 #AmericaOrTrump pic.twitter.com/2bhJtkeqNJ

Twitter for iPad : Thank you sir. Dude told on himself without having the IQ to realize it lol Inronically, the motive of my post was to bring out people of his β€œilk”. twitter.com/bitchimfatjesu…

Twitter for iPad : Hispanics, hope y’all see this. They don’t like you. Never have, never will. Your true allies are those colored folk; just sayin #trump twitter.com/mmpadellan/sta… pic.twitter.com/iCPvGkpcI1