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iPhone : You may not agree with me that gymnastics is the hardest sport physically but it is mentally. If you feel the need to argue watch the Athlete A documentary on Netflix.

iPhone : wait a minute, you’re telling me I didn’t retain any information from the lectures i watched on 2x speed with netflix on in the background ???

iPhone : am i the only one who didn’t really dream about my wedding as a little girl? and still don’t? i feel like even at a young age i was dreaming of living my dream life and having my dream job.

iPhone : I've done too much thinking during quarantine so I've decided to simply never think again 💟

iPhone : I got to witness a once in a lifetime phenomenon, bioluminescent algae appeared in the ocean and beaches in California. We ran down to Venice beach, when we arrived this is what we saw! I had to jump in the sea, it was glowing all around me, I literally felt like I was in Avatar!

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iPhone : i hate the “watch a movie” suggestion when i say im bored. shut up. i have no attention span. i need to chew on batteries

iPhone : anybody else feel like they just say the same eight words over and over but in different order

iPhone : dads are unable to have one ounce of emotional intelligence but if you mention one time that you like a certain fruit they’ll bring you like 5 fucking cases of it 3 weeks later