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Bio Just on here to post stuff and memes. I actually talk about media and trans issues in a serious way on Youtube. They/Them. Non-Binary TransFemme.
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Twitter Web App : Day 1222: The Labour Government still hasn't banned gay conversion therapy, despite promising to do so and overwhelming public support to get rid of it.

Twitter Web App : I am very quick when it comes to deleting offensive comments from my Youtube channel because there is no real reason to just let them stay there. If you can't be civil, I see no reason to let your rude ass have a say on my platform.

Twitter Web App : Any study done into the LGBTQ community needs to have people from that community advising on it. Otherwise you are totally going to make really basic mistakes that should be totally avoidable.

Twitter Web App : The Angels from The Good Place were probably the biggest mockery of do-nothing moderate liberals I have seen in a tv series

Twitter Web App : If you ever see someone respond to a trans person with '41%', that is a direct reference to the rate of suicide attempts in the trans community and is implying they should join that number. Recognize it and call that shit out when it happens.

Twitter Web App : A great example is the Futurama being transphobic video I did. I got shit tons of comments going after me personally, while Renegade Cut did a very similar critique and got nowhere near as much shit for it.

Twitter Web App : No matter what video I make, no matter how well I make my arguments or state my case, I am always going to deal with comments attacking me for being trans, or telling me to kill myself for being trans, or claiming I can't take a joke because I am trans.

Twitter Web App : Also there will be people who openly respond with stuff about not dating trans people because they are gross or sick and... well you guys already know you are transphobic. You are not really the target of these arguments and really are not worth the time.

Twitter Web App : If you are attracted to that trans person and you find yourself romantically or sexually interested, don't turn that off purely because you find out that they are trans, in whatever form that might be. Doing so is engaging and encouraging your subconscious transphobia.

Twitter Web App : Nowhere in these arguments or in any arguments is the claim that you need to date trans people or that you need to sleep with any that you meet. All we ask is that you realize that a trans person can totally be someone you are attracted to and that you shouldn't refuse that.

Twitter Web App : The only way that it makes sense for you to refuse to date a trans person, any trans person, is because you find have preconceived attitudes of trans people that make you feel disgusted by them, based on an unflattering mental image. That is transphobic and engaging in bigotry.

Twitter Web App : While its fair for you to not want to date some trans people because you aren't attracted to them or it doesn't click, the same could be said for any other group. In that case, its almost completely unnecessary to quantify that you would refuse to date a trans person.