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Echofon : 3) 6 feet rule not enough indoors

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Echofon : 2) To be clear, we’ve known #SARSCoV2 is airborne (and known for a while now, despite deniers & downplayers).

But the #b117 is even more transmissible.

aerosol study indicates that coronavirus is persistent and stable up to 16 hours in stagnant air.

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iPhone : I hope when you read this story about a 25-year bet on civilizations's survival you will think about what "progress" means. My subjects hold extreme views, but which side do you lean towards?…

Echofon : Gaelynn Lea’s voice and violin land like a balm — an offering of both clarity and gladness that can still be mustered in this midwinter, this upended Christmas season:…

Echofon : Loved these books. Alan Mendelsohn, Lizard Music, etc, As a children’s librarian, I shared these books with children who loved them as much as I did.…

Echofon : If you haven’t, please listen to this. It is everything we know about how to stay safe in winter & over the holidays. 24/…

iPhone : Yes! 🚨🚨🚨

Just now, HHS/CDC/ASPR released their internal docs capturing how this crisis looks.

This is the most comprehensive national data on how this virus is affecting our communities: States/CBSA/Counties. Cases. Tests. Positivity. Its all there.…

Echofon : The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.

~Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Image source (Elif Hentschel):

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Echofon : #movie - The Ride - on Amazon Prime, inspiring, highlights importance of supporting foster care and adoption programs.

iPhone : AMAZING—Mackenzie Scott just gave away $4,158,500,000 in 4 months to 384 orgs nationwide for pandemic poverty relief, after earlier $1.7 bil—almost $6 billion this year. Scott is the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos.…

Full list of 384 orgs:…

Echofon : I would buy a John LeCarré book as a special treat. The world will miss him. Fast-paced, intelligent, probing international issues. His writing was razor-sharp until the end.…

Echofon : Vaccinated people will still need to wear a mask — here's why.

Echofon : 📍Airborne transmission—Look how a South Korean high school student became infected after **5 minutes of exposure from >20 feet away**. We cannot keep using the 6-feet (2 m) standard of social distance
to keep people safe. Indoor dining not safe! #COVID19…

Echofon : Now talking "continuous partial attention" and the impact of the quality of #attention on comprehension and the consolidation of #memory with Maryanne Wolf citing Linda Stone. #AttentionEngineering and #CognitiveLoad

Echofon : Indisputable link found between gut bacteria and Alzheimer’s - Excalibur…