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Bio Convenor of Stop the War Coalition, author, socialist, womens liberationist.
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iPhone : Sanctions should be imposed on the United States by the rest of the world for continuous repression of black people by state agencies of one sort or another.

iPhone : Headline is bad enough but what the article says is Britain has the worst per capita death rate in the world...It’s not just Cummings who should be sacked is it really?

UK suffers second-highest death rate from coronavirus | Free to read…

iPhone : 5 things the Cummings crisis teaches us which make the country virtually ungovernable - CounterBlast 28 May…

iPhone : “Minor breach” yeah?

Is Dominic Cummings going to be tased in front of his son at a petrol station? Or violently shoved into a car and handcuffed on his mother’s lawn? Or fined like people who have been “idle” in a park have?

The police have confirmed rules only apply to us.

iPhone : Cameron left his in a pub. Gove left his alone in a hotel while he & his wife went to a party. Cummings strapped his into a car to test his eyesight. Johnson won't even say how many he's got. I'm particularly enjoying this period of them all telling us how to raise our children.

iPhone : Totally outrageous. It's not just conventions this government will sacrifice (not many care). It's lives - that's the issue.…

iPhone : I thought Id start today with another one which hasnt seen the light of day for quite a long time. This is Cherhill by Walter Steggles from his post-war work: most likely mid to late eighties. #WalterSteggles #Cherhill #Wiltshire #ELG