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Twitter for iPad : Scientific knowledge is separate from identity.

As soon as you tie empirical knowledge to identity, you regress into pre-Modernity, where different identity groups have different forms of knowledge which cannot be ascertained by those outside.

iPhone : Adam Radwanski Andrew Goodman If the chances this will contribute to transmission are low why don’t we allow this and stop only those activities that are high risk? People are obviously chafing against the lock down. What penalties to you propose for this non dangerous activity?

iPhone : At my local park in #Vancouver the sign on the public toilets say gender diverse people welcome yet only the LADIES toilet has a baby change table. Thats not diverse at all is it @parkboard?

iPhone : Adam Radwanski I saw a video of aerosols in a room hovering there for 20 minutes it said. But open a window and poof! They disbursed quickly. Seems to suggest risk outside very very low. Has there ever been a confirmed outdoor transmission?

Twitter for iPad : From Terry Glavin 格立文 "While the world stands by and watches as the free and open city of #HongKong finally falls and closes within #XiJinping clenched fist, at least the kids haven’t given up. If the cause is lost, at least they intend to go down fighting."…

iPhone : Aye bruh Joe Biden I already told you the #BlackVoteAintFree

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iPhone : Olympic gold medalist Daley Thompson says women should wake up to the trans threat.
"I don't think some women understand what the consequences of not standing up will be for their daughters".
"It's patently not fair" for transwomen to enter female spaces…

iPhone : Yep. Once upon a time, Ottawa reporters were telling us the phoned-in questions were randomly chosen. We now know that’s a lie, and that a PMO staffer is involved in choosing who questions Trudeau #cdnpoli #cdnmedia

iPhone : ottawa just shafted the Wet'suwet'en elected govt, created a 1 year timetable for issues that'll require a decade, ignored the pipeline that was ostensible subject of dispute. But they created an applause line for white enviro-protestors, so ya solid work…

iPhone : "In the 7 weeks to May 19 there were 269k arrivals at the 4 Canadian airports open to international travel (#Toronto, Montreal, Calgary & #Vancouver)." But don't go to your cottage! says John Ivison. Adrian Dix not amused either. #Bcpoli #cdnpoli #COVID19BC…