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iPhone : And thank you guys for being fantastic tonight! We honestly are so lucky to have such amazing fans ☺️ If you're new here you'll be pleased to hear that our latest album Slight Disconnects is the perfect follower to The New Transistor Heroes 😁 bistheband.bandcamp.com Thank you 😘

iPhone : Some reviews took it as a serious song and said it was a shame the album ended on such a dirge! We were very serious young people, but being Scottish gives you a permanently self-effacing perspective…#timstwitterlisteningparty

iPhone : “Dinosaur Germs” – and we finish with a sub 2 minute rammy with a trademark XTC vs 2-Tone smash-up. Usually last in the set, meaning the “Hi-fi, Lo-fi, Sci-fi’s my fi” bit was ripping the throats, it’s an appropriate way to round off proceedings. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

iPhone : I had a sore throat when it came to do the vocals, so John and Manda did them instead. You can hear how bad it was on the spoken “Trainspotting” style bits hiding under the “chorus”. #TimsTwitterListeningParty - Steven

iPhone : "Lie-Detector Test" is somewhat inspired by “Sing” by blur, this is the only song on this album we never played live. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

iPhone : “Lie-Detector Test” – More naïve but well-intentioned lyrics, this time with some lush guitars that veer into Shoegaze territory. The first signpost to where we ended up on “Return To Central”. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

iPhone : A naïve perhaps but well-meaning attempt to nip at the heart of that. “I am incomplete, I am incorrect, I am apology, I am defect” Always reminds me of the brief Japan hysteria days. #TimsTwitterListeningParty - Steven

iPhone : “X-Defect” – More demystifying of the macho man, the defective “X” being the unfinished chromosome that separates the male and female genes. “Lad” culture was still very prevalent in the late 90’s & self-analysis wasn’t really part of the lyrical chat. #timstwitterlisteningparty

iPhone : It's like Dance to the Disco Beat's cooler cousin / Disco #TimsTwitterListeningParty