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Locke Wiggin #EndTheFED

Bio AnCap: Each should be free to support hitomono values without being forced to support the values of others.
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Android : If you are using ‘anarchy’ to mean chaos, destruction, lawlessness, senseless social disorder—you’ve fallen victim to identity politics.

An = without / archy = rulers

Anarchists come to conclude self-rulership is more peaceful and just to having Masters.

Android : please watch. please listen closely. if anyone has any information on this man / a link to his go fund me please let me know. this is absolutely not okay. we will not be silenced.

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Twitter Web App : Minneapolis Police slashed every tire on my rental car, as well as every tire of every car in this parking lot.

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Twitter Web App : You can be sure that many people need, but do not have, a gun at this very moment. twitter.com/jamesahilton1/…

Twitter Web App : People I work with think I’m such a lunatic for thinking we should privatize police

But at this rate, they’ll soon realize that they are, in fact, the lunatics here

Twitter Web App : Antifa will ruin the chances of these protests to make change to law enforcement.

Antifas actions will piss off so many potential allies to those protesting George Floyd's murder. All of the screaming, crying, hugging, marching, chanting will be in vain if Antifa aren't stopped

Twitter Web App : I've never seen something like this

This is insane

I have seen people pull bricks from the ground but to see so many instance of bricks just lying around is very strange to me twitter.com/Breaking911/st…