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Android : When the German parliament building was torched, Hitler rushed to it, stood in front of it with a microphone, and broadcast to the entire country that it was the evil communists, and the fire was β€œa sign from God” that he was destined to rule.

Android : GOP Donald J. Trump His definition of Law & Order is WAY different than ours. #TrumpIncitesViolence

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Android : Dictator Trump assumes absolute control of the United States with a bible at hand. The world just got a hell of a lot darker.

The international community is monitoring the situation closely. #ICantBreathe #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #dictatorship

Android : Big tough strong man-baby tweets incendiary crap from his bunker (we thought that was our job) and then gets mad at governors for not making him look better. LOL! A true #FAIL of a president in every way.…

Android : Live from the bunker:…

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Android : Trump is hiding & can’t do a coherent speech. He looked terrible at NASA. Ppl at his stage of dementia don’t realize how bad they look in public. Kush saying lay low means they see his impairment as a big liability. Resigning is a reality coming at them that they still can’t face

Android : White people rolling up handing Black men bricks to throw during the protests? Glad a Black woman was there to set they asses straight.

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Android : Hmmmm Donald J. Trump now why would a group of white people in a car be handing out bricks to black people out protesting? That's tantamount to a death sentence if cops were to see them. Why would white people do that?…