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Android : It has taken #COVID19 to make businesses realize the value of #hygiene & #sterilization.

Yet for Clove Dental, it has always been a matter of top priority right
since inception. Be it #PPE, strict sterilization, or disinfection measures, we ensure 10xSafety@Clove clinics.

Android : Only trust & safety can help us bounce back & re-build faith in #dentistry.

Join the #DentalLeadershipMasterclass for expert views on how to redefine #dentalpractices, overcome challenges & rebuild confidence.

🗓️Sat, 11th July; 5pm-6pm IST


Android : As we continue to fight #Covid_19, it is important that one does not neglect both #oralhealth & overall #health.

Do remember that Clove Dental clinics are open to attend your
#dentalproblems while following the safety guidelines strictly.

#CloveCares #NewNormal

Android : "We have to understand the #NewNormal which will be the normal now onwards. And the #dental profession will have to epitomize such changes,
which it will undertake to survive this #pandemic."

I share my perspective in this article published on

Android : "The golden period of #dentistry is already dawning with a sea of
opportunities & the time is right for the #dental fraternity to define the

I share my thoughts in this latest article "New Normal In Dentistry"
published on BioSpectrum India.

Android : #Doctors are considered second to God on earth & this one-line paraphrases everything from faith, trust & belief.

As #COVID19 brought them to the forefront, they have been doing exceptional work to protect our nation.

This #NationalDoctorsDay, lets salute these #RealHeroes!

iPhone : Patient safety remains paramount with us and before that comes safety of our frontline warriors, our Dental Surgeons & staff. On Doctors’ day, we salute our warriors and pray for their safety and well being. Clove Dental #doctorsday2020

iPhone : As an attempt to keep our clinic safer amid #COVID19, we now religiously follow a regular #Fumigation of our clinics to kill & eliminate all forms of microbial life. Under revised guidelines, we have significantly increased fumigation frequency to almost daily.

iPhone : Thursday June 18th, 2020 at 5pm; let’s find out what the ‘New Normal’ means for Dentistry. Dentists locked clinics resulting in zero business. And now await patients to return to accepting new normal. What, where & why has changed will be discussed focusing on the ‘Way Forward’.…

Android : #InternationalNursesDay

#Nurses are doing incredible work in every hospital of India, especially during this time of #COVID19.

Lets acknowledge their dedication to serve patients and show our appreciation for these often less talked about #CoronaWarriors.

Clove Dental

Android : As we mark, #WorldHandHygieneDay, lets emphasize on making #handwashing a regular practice to control infectious disease such as #COVID19.

Good #HandHygiene is a must to protect us & our loved ones. And so is brushing teeth twice a day for best #OralHealth.

Clove Dental

Android : #WorldAsthmaDay

It took a #Lockdown for us to realize how important #freshair is! Now if #Asthma is not considered to be a serious disease then we cannot call #air a necessity either.

Lets fulfill our duty to create a healthy environment for Asthma patients.

Clove Dental

Android : Your precious smile😊 & carefree laughter😆 matter a lot amid this gloomy #lockdown.

This #WorldLaughterDay 😄Clove Dental doctors prescribe you a nice hard as you can, because laughter is the best medicine.

Enjoy a hearty laugh!😂🤓

#LaughterDay #CloveSmile

iPhone : e-dentist@CloveDental: If you thought it’s meant only for emergencies, you’ll be surprised. #Askyourdentist from comfort of home, tips on how to prevent disease & brush, invisible Aligners, Implants & seek 2nd opinion without any obligations. Clove Dental #dentalcare #dentist