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iPhone : Israel-AdeSama The Bull I wouldn’t be so sure about Birmingham bro, second biggest city here in the UK only behind London, has a decent UFC gym, regularly hosts huge international events, and has hosted UFC events before

iPhone : The Bull Israel-AdeSama My point here, there are variables you can’t capture from standalone statistics when not viewed in context of the fight/opponent.

Watch his film again, Leon is a serious contender in that division.

iPhone : The Bull Israel-AdeSama Interesting one on Leon’s stats. On sig strikes.

Outscored Luque 53 - 24
Outscored Sobotta 42 - 16
Outscored Cerrone 84 - 60
Outscored Nelson 31 - 9
Outscored RDA 92 - 81

His raw Sig strike volume appears low as a stand-alone stat. But he outstrikes everyone he faces.

iPhone : The Bull Israel-AdeSama Fair enough yeah I can read his stats on the UFC site too, but what are the insights from that that you’re projecting?

Because the most important variable in fighter progression up the ranks is the W column.