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iPhone : Ok if they do be dying tho how are they suddenly like ok? Like drug OD turns to shocked and confused instead of dying?

iPhone : just started watching #travellers on Netflix & to say I’m confused would be an understatement...

iPhone : I’m sorry but COVID has really made me judge some of my friends. Why y’all can’t stay in the house? Why y’all can’t wear masks? Now I’m like, do I even like you? 😂

iPhone : The reason I ask this is I STILL see people out shopping, drinking, going to house parties, seeing friends ECT.

I’m starting to question if you “over being at home” is enough of an excuse to warrant you risking lives.

iPhone : What I’ve learnt: peoples lives don’t matter as long as it’s a low percentage of the population…

iPhone : Chormatica II but it transitions in to gay guys

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