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Android : Another shameful news from an elite school in Lahore. LACAS decides to lay off its workers during a pandemic. This issue resonates with ill treatment of janitors at LUMS who face very exploitative working conditions.

Pvt institutions must respect dignity of workers. twitter.com/saadkhansuke/s…

Android : Heterosexuality is a sin in my culture. You can't be straight. It's so natural. Hets only want to reproduce. My religion condemns heterosexuality. God doesn't love you & won't forgive you. Straights are sinners. It's so sad to see people from my culture call themselves straight.

Android : I satirise religion constantly. Mainly Christianity and Islam. My Christian friends call and message me and we talk. My Muslim friends unfriend me both online and in real life. It’s a real shame.

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Twitter Web App : imagine being like “damn that sucks” abt colonization twitter.com/pseudocia/stat…

Twitter Web App : he wrote homosexuality instead of homophobia im losing my mind twitter.com/abalisah/statu…

Android : miss barganza i got the impression that she didn't have one when I watched it but in a cast interview the actress explains it's empathy. they did make us believe like she didn't have any specific ability for the most part of the show but she kept everyone together, such as in the finale.

Android : rewatched the final ep of sense8's first season and I can't believe i didn't cry during Riley's backstory before. it's so harrowing and affecting. bawled properly this time. and goddamn that ending on the boat. absolute perfection.

Android : I had a huge huge crush on literally ALL of them, villains included. This show had the best cast. twitter.com/NicoAngelochxh…

Android : the non sexual intimacy my platonic friendships offer me have proven to be more substantial and fulfilling than any romantic connection i've experienced


Pardeep Kaur Plaha, 23, from Leytonstone, East London.
She has been missing since 10:30 01/07/2020. She went for her normal daily walk and has not returned since. If you have any information contact 07983 693537 or DM me.🙏🏽 We are all incredibly worried.