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Bio Lupin is the 5th largest company in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market which pioneers in the space of cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, GI & anti-infectives.
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Twitter Web App : We wish all the citizens of our country a Happy Independence Day.

Twitter Web App : The nurses have been at the forefront of our battle against COVID-19. Lets salute their efforts and wish for their safety on this auspicious day.
#RakshaBandhan #Love #Sibilings #Bond #RakshaBandhan2020

Android : To all the doctors who have been like friends to us, always caring for us and wanting the best for each patient, #LupinIndia wishes you a #HappyFriendshipDay on behalf of all your patients.

#HappyFriendshipDay2020 #FriendshipDay #Doctors #Lupin

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Android : During these unprecedented times people getting anxious has become very common. In order to keep ourselves safe, we must stay strong and keep ourselves occupied with things that make us happy. 
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#MentalHealth4All #lockdownextension

Twitter Web App : On the occasion of #WorldHepatitisDay, ensure that you and your loved ones are well informed.

Read on to find out the risk factors and signs and symptoms of #Hepatitis
If you know anybody experiencing these signs, consult a doctor right away.

#HepatitisDay #LetsFightHepatitis

Android : The most important thing to do is to hear someone out and give them a sense of warmth by simply being there for them.
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#BustingCOVID19Myths #COVID19 #IndiaFightsBack #IndiaUnderLockDown

Twitter Web App : Wash your hands and use sanitizers to help prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19.
Anya will provide you with the answers you’re looking for about #CoronaVirus

iPhone : Staying home is the best way to help protect you and your family from COVID-19. Get answers to your questions regarding #Coronavirus from Anya.
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#BustingCOVID19Myths #COVID19 #IndiaFightsBack #IndiaUnderLockDown

Twitter Web App : It’s imperative that you have the right information about COVID-19 so that you and your loved ones can be safe and secure. For more such information, #AskAnya who now answers all queries related to #Coronavirus

Twitter Web App : The reason I celebrate Mothers Day each year is because of you, dear #Doctor.
Today, its time to show our appreciation. To you and all the life savers out there, #ThankYou & Happy #DoctorsDay.

Send this post to your doctor to show your love and to wish them a #HappyDoctorsDay!

Twitter Web App : For all the times you kept a check on not just mine, but so many other Daadus, we want to say - #ThankYou for existing and we hope youre fine, dear #Doctor.
Happy #DoctorsDay.

Send this post to your doctor to show your gratitude and dont forget to wish them a #HappyDoctorsDay!

Twitter Web App : To the ones who always support us and keep a check on our good health, its time we reciprocate the same sentiment. So to all the life savers out there, #ThankYou. Happy #DoctorsDay.

Send this post to your doctor to show your gratitude and to wish them a #HappyDoctorsDay!

Twitter Web App : This #doctorsday2020, Lupin thanks all those guardian angels who work tirelessly to protect us.

We dedicate this ode, Thank You Doctor to every doctor out there! To watch the full music video, click on the link below.

#HappyDoctorsDay #COVIDWarrior

Twitter Web App : #HappyFathersDay #FathersDay #Father #Hero #LockdownTales #LupinIndia #FathersDayStories

Twitter Web App : He and his daughter share the love for reading and spend hours engrossed in their favorite books. During this lockdown, to read more, his friends from the society have started exchanging books amongst themselves and he hopes this habit continues going forward.

Twitter Web App : He learnt from his father that drinking water regularly is a simple yet powerful solution to keep you healthy and keep the ailments at bay. He and his family love playing board games and doing interesting home-based activities to maintain good physical and mental health.