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Bio Lustea the gay, vorish Leporid here. Expect ta see plenty lewd stuff on ere. Since folks seem ta get confused easy. Im all pink n plenty male.

Age: 28

Location A place in space most likely
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Twitter Web App : Lady Mew "Quite true. Never stops bein' a treat. That 'n ya get a collection of ass shots with a steadily growin' ass each photo."

Twitter Web App : Lady Mew "They sure do, 'n I'm sure ya get no shortage of curious folks tryin' ta snap a quick pic of such an legendary ass... unaware that they'll be makin' it even more legendary soon 'nough."

Twitter Web App : Lady Mew "I can only wonder if they knew what they were signin' up for... or even if they played the part of a willin' participant~."

Twitter Web App : Bianchi As someone who has been under a nice ass for a good amount of time, I have to fully back this assertion.

Twitter Web App : Jonhy2G I can only assume that people leaned back against those walls are in for a fun surprise should he bust through there.

Twitter Web App : πŸ’™BluπŸ’™ Reachin' up the bun goes ta stretch, that hefty bunny belly sloshin' swayin' with all that added weight.

"Can't get 'nough of big snacks like that. Always a fillin' treat when they churn down."

Twitter Web App : πŸ’™BluπŸ’™ The bun rubbed over 'is belly, feelin' over those squirmin' bulges, watchin' as they steadily become less 'n less defined. The bun could feel that Lati snack no more. No longer would that snack be soarin'... instead just saggin' as the new hefty weight on that bunny belly.

Twitter Web App : πŸ’™BluπŸ’™ "A big snack like ya indeed. Goin' ta be nothin' more than a thick layer of fat on my belly."

As the bun speaks, more thick slime fills that teal walled belly. Soon 'nough, the Lati might find their form becomin' a bit less solid as the belly did it's work.

Twitter Web App : πŸ’™BluπŸ’™ No longer leaned against the counter, the bun reached down ta give 'is bulgin' belly a lil' rub.

"That's the plan snack. Why have ya bulgin' my belly out with your delicious form when I can just churn ya down 'n add ya ta the place a snack like ya belongs~."

Twitter Web App : πŸ’™BluπŸ’™ A good ways out of sight with the walls of the bunny's stomach between the Lati 'n the outside world. That said, there wasn't much hidin' the hefty bulge the Lati now made on the bun's belly.

"What should I do with my new lil' treat~? Ya'd look great as just part of that belly."