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TweetDeck : We are live RIGHT NOW on Twitch with special musical guest 88bit - Come hang with us for an hour, ask some questions, and enjoy some jams!

Twitter Web App : Join us on stream tomorrow at 7pm EST for some JAMMING and Q&A with 88bit - Well be taking requests, all types of questions, and some cool surprises along the way! TOMORROW NIGHT ON 🎹

Android : Sup, Kidz™.

If youre checking out our show this Saturday you should know about Lame Genie. Lame Genie has been a video game cover band since 2014, releasing 12+ albums in completely for free on bandcamp.

Great fuckin bio. Aces, bois.

#BonusStageVan #LameGenie #VGM

Twitter Web App : Neon Death Cat 🍰 MAGWest Deb doesn’t use Twitter but she genuinely apologizes for this confusion, and wants you to feel safe and heard. She’s going to be reaching out to you personally soon.

Twitter Web App : Neon Death Cat 🍰 MAGWest Again, Safe Committee takes reporter safety seriously and we do our best to make as fair a judgment as we can based on what we know. For more info about Safe policies and procedures, you can view this video from our spring staff training weekend:

Twitter Web App : Neon Death Cat 🍰 MAGWest We do apologize for the confusion about ban length. We processed this case days before MAG 2020 and when we shared the news of his ban, we did not share a duration. However, it was not our intention to ban the other party permanently unless other information came to light. (cont)

Twitter Web App : Zero Fucks Death Cat 🍰 MAGWest Based off the report that was made, Safe determined that a 1-year ban was appropriate. The incident as reported to us was not sexual in nature, nor otherwise of a severity that warranted a lifetime ban. (cont.)

Twitter Web App : Neon Death Cat 🍰 MAGWest We take safety matters extremely seriously, and will reach out to you privately again for any additional information regarding this incident.

Misconduct reports at our events are handled by Safe Committee, a diverse group of ~a dozen people from multiple levels of MAGFest (cont)

iPhone : If we were gonna start a “VGM deep cut hour” show on Twitch, what should we call it?

Android : Kick off your weekend in style with us! Tonight at 9 PM EST we're hosting the legendary 8-bit Music Theory on our Twitch channel for a rockin' Q&A! Get those questions ready, you've got a few hours to prepare. 😎

Android : Fire Emblem: Three Houses is teaching me a lot about my own limits and #mentalhealth— says meg eden Meg Eden on the #MAGESblog…

#magfest #blog #MAGES #FireEmblem #FE3H

Android : [Announcement]
Cool off this summer by diving into the #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons free Summer Update – Wave 1, arriving 7/3! Put on your wet suit to dive & swim in the ocean, and even meet new characters! Stay tuned for info on Wave 2, planned for release in early August.

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Android : We're extending the deadline for our Super MAGFest performer application by an additional month! The new deadline is July 17th, spread the word!

#magfest #music #mainstage #vgm #nerdcore #chiptune #performers #magsuper #magfest2021…

Android : Dr. Daniel Gronsky is starting up a new series in the #magesblog about weird games! What makes weird games so fun? Gronsky has a few thoughts, starting in this intro post here:…

#magfest #MAGES #blog #games #weirdgames

Android : If you're missing #MAGStock this weekend, the crew is live with a special fireside gaming session over on our Twitch channel. We'll be chatting, relaxing in the firelight, and letting the audience play the game! Head over to for the action.

Android : Today bandcamp waives their revenue share again for 24 hours, so that artists receive 100% of the funds.

Additionally, various artists and labels have special releases for today, including donations to organizations fighting racial injustice. Full details on their site.…

Android : David Erick Ramos That's very odd, we just double checked the link at it seems to work for us!! Can you access it directly this way instead?…