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Bio Marinelife is a UK-based charity carrying out scientific research and educational work on whales, dolphins, seabirds and other marine animals in the oceans.
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iPhone : Did you know..?🧐
Shags can dive down to depths of up to 45m to catch fish from near the bottom of the sea!
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iPhone : Time for the #WhoAmI reveal....

The Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) is a large waterbird, similar in appearance but smaller than Cormorants.
They can be distinguished from their larger cousins by their dark green shiny plumage, crest and narrower bill with a yellow gape.

iPhone : Did you see MARINElife ambassador Billy on #BBCCountryfile this evening?? He talks about the reintroduction of #pinemartens to the #forestofdean 🌲🌳🌲
Well done Billy!!!…

iPhone : Limited places (to ensure social distancing) available for MARINElife - AK Wildlife all day trip out into Falmouth Bay Sat 18th July. Special discount to registered ML supporters. Call AK Wildlife Cruises Falmouth Main: 01326 753 389 Secondary: 01326 316 098

Twitter Web App : Did you know? 🐬
The Northern Bottlenose whale has special ‘flipper pockets’ allowing them to tuck in their flippers, making them more streamlined.……

Twitter Web App : They typically sport a mix of brown and grey tones over the body and lighter colouration towards the head, with a distinct darker, crescent-shaped dorsal fin. #thread 3/

Twitter Web App : Northern bottlenose whales (Hyperodon ampullatus) are one of the most well studied species of whale belonging to the Ziphiidae family. They are most easily recognised by their large bulbous foreheads which are particularly pronounced in older males. #thread 2/

Twitter Web App : Thanks to everyone who played along this week! Lots of good guesses but I can now reveal that our mystery species was... the Northern Bottlenose whale! #whoami #whoamichallenge #marinelife #thread 1/

Twitter Web App : Many good guesses so far... However I can confirm that they are NOT minke whales!
Keep the guesses coming and check back for the reveal tomorrow! - Megan 🐬…

Twitter Web App : You can now sign up to our new Kids Club using this Google form!…
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Twitter Web App : MARINElife have an exciting new update for you… Starting this month, we are launching the new ‘MARINElife Kids Club’!

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