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Bio Into IT, digital video, web, PC gaming. Transport/Logistics, Housing, Social Justice, politics, Community Councillor, also DJ Motown/ Northern Soul for my sins
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Twitter Web App : Truthseeker123 He is a nasty one who thinks Scotland is a tail wagging the UK Dog until they cast themselves adrift. he hasn't considered who will pay the bills when they do get Indpendence run by Brusselsin the EU.

Twitter Web App : Truthseeker123 Another More Equal Animal who considers that the rules only apply to little people, plus he has Wee Nicola to protect him.

Twitter Web App : Roadside Mum πŸ¦” Lots of differences between UK and US law, some of the stuff you see US Cops do would get them booted here, PACE is stronger than some US protections for arrested suspects. Lawyer shouts Objection, UK Judge, says this isn't the USA.

Twitter Web App : David OHagan I have no faith in this government or any of the Parties to sort this, With Serco involved along with data Loss Dido its a disaster unfolding.

Twitter Web App : Richard Calhoun Wait until they phone people in Wales or Scotland in error should be fun, Oh sorry not been within 150 miles of the location of that supposed contract, now Foxtrot Oscar I have recorded the call..

Twitter Web App : At least they got the duplicitous Supt Gordon Anglesea. There must be others still free, but like Nazis from WW 2 are dying before they have been caught.…

Twitter Web App : Arrogant twat was he part of the Civil Sevice support team for negotiations? If not he shouldn't have stuck his fireman's into the mix.…

Twitter Web App : The Spectator Robin Nicholas And Hancock's app going off and telling them to isolate. Please Miss have to go home phone app says you are all infected. What about feature phones that can't run apps? force them to have a UID RFID chip implanted?

Twitter Web App : WeAreFairCop Have to agree with that, especially a Jailed Woman might have a penis and testicless, and identify as a Woman. Think we have already been there with that one. It didn't end well.

Twitter Web App : Paul Dempsey Yes who needs Game of Thrones, or Strictly when there is Das Boot. Monday is 91st anniversary of loss of HMS Thetis, on its sea trials in Liverpool Bay.

Twitter Web App : Listen2Jonnie WFC Jake No not that simple, they price local families out of buying a home, wages are too low to get mortgage on those houses, a work commute can be 25 miles each way on bad roads with no option of bus or train. Developers build 4 bed exec homes for Cheshire commuters locals cant afford

Twitter Web App : They are pissing themselves in Chinese Intelligence HQ in Beijing at that one probably.…

Twitter Web App : The Leave Alliance Won't do them any favours with a busted app, that has not had privacy and GDPR compliance assessed, and the Track & Trace run by incompetent crony companies, one guilty of defrauding the taxpayer, and Data Loss Dido as gaffer; thats even before Brexit.