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Twitter for iPad : Attention fashion industry: women want pockets. In our dresses, in our yoga pants, in our cardigans etc.

Thank you.

Twitter for iPad : Just a week or two ago Murdoch told his shareholders he wasn’t anti-climate.

What TF does he call this? twitter.com/justdanfornow/…

Twitter for iPad : So after complaining to Twitter Support their polls weren’t working, all results from yesterday’s poll appeared. They may have taken action, or it may just be coincidence that they fixed a glitch.

Anyways, these results are fascinating.

Let’s go after Foxtel.

Who’s in?

Twitter for iPad : So TwitterSupport) 's Twitter Profile">Twitter Support, TwitterComms) 's Twitter Profile">Twitter Comms: you’re either limiting us, or your polls aren’t working.

MFW normally get 1,000 poll responses in a few hours, but for the past 3 days we’ve had only ~30. Not a boast, just this is a fairly big account.

Do you think Twitter is limiting MFW?

Twitter for iPad : Wayne Swan Unfortunately, 2050 is far too late. If we don’t reach net emissions by 2030 or sooner, we’re literally cooked.

But at least there is SOME kind of plan, unlike our contemptible, murderous government.

Twitter for iPad : I, for one, just wanted to thank Hannah Gadsby for somehow causing Bolt to move an hour down the road. I'm not sure how you did it, mate, and I already thought you were incredible. But with this bit of magic, you have transcended - thank you 😉

Twitter for iPad : How the fuck do we live in a country whose PM has time to fly to a billionaire’s Xmas party in late 2019 but no time at all to meet with fire chiefs pleading desperately with him to make a plan to save lives, property, bush & animals over Australia’s worst summer?


Twitter for iPad : Wow. So the Indue Pty Ltd, provider of the welfare cashless card is largely owned and managed by former Liberal MPs and party members. They donate much of their profits back the LNP. How any journo worth their salt not reporting on this beyond me. theaimn.com/lnp-welfare-ca… #auspol

Twitter for iPad : 🧙🏼‍♀️ #NEWSCORPSE AD WITCHDRAWAL 184 🧙🏼‍♀️

Thanks A-League for rejecting Murdoch’s lies & hate. If you’re ragey about @NewsCorpau, please help our campaigns. You’ll find all our donation, advertiser and resource lists here:

Never forget this pic. NEVER.

Twitter for iPad : Good morning to everyone else who vividly remembers that these are lazy gobshites who had no time (according to them) to meet with fire chiefs during 2019 to plan to save lives over summer, but had time for a Murdoch’s Xmas Party.

Let that sink in.

Take all the time you need. twitter.com/lenoretaylor/s…

Twitter for iPad : 💧Gaye Crispin Yes, thanks, but it says 5 votes on your pic. We know for sure that at least 30 or 40 people have voted (from their replies in the thread) and normally on one of our polls around 300 or more people would have voted by now.

Twitter for iPad : Human Thank you so much. And we can always do better. Currently we’re strategising on this.

Twitter for iPad : [A thread] Prior to 1973, NZ was heavily dependent on the UK market for almost all its exports of lamb, wool and butter. NZ farms effectively fed the growing population of London for generations. NZ was often referred to as London's farm. #auspol 1/13

Twitter for iPad : Human We’ve been targeting all the major newspapers for 11 months. You haven’t been in our lists?

Twitter for iPad : Remember that time Peta Credlin went fucking nuclear on Steven Marshall as he was so ridiculously incompetent he ran a quarantine program where a worker at risk of #COVID19 was so underpaid he had to work in another NON-quarantine hotel, too?

Yeah, happy days ...