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Bio MISP - Threat Sharing. An open source software and standards to share, create and validate threatintel and intelligence.
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Twitter Web App : Türkçe Siber İstihbarat We don't maintain a list of commercial offering as we won't be able to evaluate all of them. Nevertheless the tools list might indicate some commercial offering around specific tooling using MISP. misp-project.org/tools/

Twitter Web App : Rony にのせき Malpedia Thanks a lot for the great discussion. We did an improvement in the threat-actor galaxy to clearly specify the kind of. Including operation, campaign and so on. Feedback welcome.

Twitter Web App : We love when MISP project is bundled and integrated with open source tools and also with proprietary software or services. We just ask everyone to have a look at our open source licenses. We have a detailed page about open source licenses used misp-project.org/license/ pic.twitter.com/5zOIkegCPE

Twitter Web App : Joerg Stephan MISP Hey, sure you can
You need to use the following parameters:

endpoint: /events/upload_stix
Accept: application/xml
Content-Type: application/json

Then you paste the content of your stix file as HTTP body of your query, and it should work

If you have any question, let me know

Twitter Web App : にのせき MISP Malpedia Yeah, to address this issue, now MISP has an additional field "threat actor classification" under which the "operation" value can be added.

Twitter Web App : We develop a companion to MISP called Cerebrate Project. Cerebrate is an open-source platform meant to act as a trusted contact information provider & interconnection orchestrator for other security tools. Its a WiP
Slides: github.com/cerebrate-proj…

Twitter Web App : Malware Patrol offers an integration with MISP, the open source threat intelligence platform used for sharing, storing and correlating IOCs.

Learn More: malwarepatrol.net/malware-patrol…

Twitter Web App : My talk from the Elastic) 's Twitter Profile">Elastic meetup earlier in the week is now on my YouTube channel.

I am focusing on my open source lab and how I put MISP and Elastic) 's Twitter Profile">Elastic together into the tool #elastimispstash... Go and check it out!

I would love feedback!


Twitter Web App : MISP 2.4.128 release with a major refactoring of the STIX (OASIS) 1 and 2 import/export (thanks to Christian Studer), a security fix and many small improvements. #threatintelligence


Twitter Web App : I was talking at this arrangement yesterday, events.elastic.co/2020-06-financ…
About how to use Elastic) 's Twitter Profile">Elastic to build an open source detection lab for education and fun purposes, I also presented #elastimispstash the integration between MISP and Elastic) 's Twitter Profile">Elastic that I built a while ago...

Twitter Web App : We organised a first introduction online training for the IXPs in the scope of the PISAX.org project. Thanks to euro-ix for the great support. More to come in the future.

Twitter Web App : A new information sharing community using MISP has been created called PISAX - pan-European Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) to support Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and General Packet Radio Service Roaming eXchange (GRXs). Want to join > pisax.org/contact/

Twitter Web App : Many new MISP object templates contributed by users and organisations using MISP standard to exchange information such as android-app, social network accounts and many others. misp-project.org/objects.html#_… Don't hesitate to contribute new templates.

Twitter Web App : Another RDP brute force ransomware strikes again, this time, Snatch Team!

-Lateral movement via RDP
-C2 via Meterpreter/RDP Proxy via Tor
-Persistence via Scheduled Tasks
-Domain ransomed in less than 5 hours

#infosec #malware MISP


Twitter Web App : New release of MISP improved indicator decaying twitter.com/MISPProject/st…

Twitter Web App : MISP 2.4.127 released with an improved version of attributes decaying, new set of widgets, many improvements and bugs fixed.
misp-project.org/2020/06/19/MIS… #ThreatIntelligence #ThreatIntel #InformationSharing