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TweetDeck : .Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) model predicts which parts of the COVID virus are less likely to mutate.



#COVID #Vaccine #CovidVaccine #COVID19

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TweetDeck : 7 black computing pioneers you should know, including:

-Mark Dean (L), co-creator of the IBM PC 5150.

-Clarence Skip Ellis (R), the first black CS PhD, who
worked on the worlds first PC, the Xerox Alto.


#MLKDay #blackinstem

Twitter Web App : For the first time in US history, the role of Science Advisor has been elevated to the level of the Presidential Cabinet.

The person nominated by President-elect Biden today: MIT professor & Broad Institute director Eric Lander.


TweetDeck : Happy 20th birthday to Wikipedia!

2020 stats:
200,000 new articles✏️
60 million edits 🖍️
270 billion pageviews 📃

More: #OpenInternet #wiki #Wikipedia

TweetDeck : This MIT computer science class teaches you all the things that other classes dont teach you, like...

🖥️ Shell tools and scripting
🖥️ Vim
🖥️ Data wrangling
🖥️ Command-line environment
🖥️ Version control

Watch all 11 lectures for free:

Android : Enzyme, a compiler plug-in for importing foreign code into systems like TensorFlow & PyTorch without having to rewrite it.



#ML #MachineLearning #PyTorch #TensorFlowJS #NeurIPS #tensorflow #AI

TweetDeck : WWW inventor & MIT prof Tim Berners-Lees big idea to save the web: pods that let you control your own data (sites visited, products bought).

Orgs are then permitted to access part of the pod for specific tasks.

NHS is doing a 21 pilot pod program:

TweetDeck : The term Silicon Valley was coined 50 years ago today in an article about Bay Area semiconductor start-ups.

Today, Silicon Valley’s five largest companies have a higher market valuation than the entire economy of the UK.

TweetDeck : A demo from 1993 of 32-year-old Yann LeCun showing off the worlds first convolutional network for text recognition. #tbt #ML #neuralnetworks #CNNs #MachineLearning

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TweetDeck : MIT study: reading code activates a much wider range of the brain region used for complex tasks like math problems.

Reading code is not the same as language, or math & logic. It seems to be its own thing.