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International Trade. Housing. Migration. Caledonian, Cheshire/Clwyd border. British. Live, Laugh, Love!

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Twitter Web App : Exclusive: Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and CEO, and the world’s wealthiest man, is buying a stake in Beacon, a UK-based digital freight forwarding specialist set up two years ago by a pair of former Uber Technologies executives.…

Twitter Web App : History boffins: when was the term 'Disunited Kingdom' first used? I have good examples from 1955. But I have an inkling it might go back a bit further than that.

Twitter Web App : New Zealand is one of only a few countries pondering the possible extinction of the coronavirus within their borders

Android : I would pay the The Spectator subs for Jeremy Clarke’s Lowlife dispatches alone. This tale of the village with two bars one communist and the other fascist is a classic…

Android : Schools reopen tomorrow in England and unclear whether Labour support or oppose.

Long-Bailey (Shadow Education) says β€œnot until they’re safe”; Steve Reed (Shadow Communities) says β€œwhere it’s possible... absolutely” on #RidgeOnSunday.

Android : Heres the bit we didnt see in full before. A bloody rocket, landing itself, on a moving ship in the middle of the bloody ocean! Insane.

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Android : 3) Sweet potatoes are proof the Americas were in contact with the Old World centuries before Columbus.

You can trace their journey from the Amazon to NZ using DNA, but ALSO using linguistics.

Check out local names for them on this map.

Android : NGDP targeting means the Bank of England can credibly maintain a single target in good times and bad. Forward guidance should be clear and credible - ambiguity creates uncertainty and reduces the effectiveness of monetary policy. Now is the time.……

Android : The reliably incompetent Welsh Government now thinks its OK for two families to meet in large groups, but dangerous for two people to stand 20 yards from each other and hit a ball. Stupid does not even begin to describe it.…

Android : Nothing makes me realise my fundamental conservatism more than seeing so many members of the intellectual classes justifying street violence with sophistry & jargon. I hold the stupid unsophisticated bourgeois view that setting fire to other people's stuff is bad.

Android : Like who? People who create straw men, people who quote tweet replies in case their followers don't see the reply, people with pseudo intellectual and IYI personas, AcTUaLY professors, and conference circuit junkies.

Mute, block, get a cup of tea and bake some bread! 😊

Android : Holger Hestermeyer True. And my only point was that some groups, who have been disingenuous in the past supporting this policy, are counterproductive to its aim.

Which I think remains the case regardless of the merits or demerits of the policy itself.

Android : πŸ›οΈ Setting up straw men isn't your forte, even with very few alternatives.

I think how devolution has been set up in the UK fails to achieve positive sum results, is often run counter to even basic geography or demographics, and is designed to be antagonistic.