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Bio Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is an org of Afrikans/New Afrikans whose mission is to defend the human rights of our people & promote self determination
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Android : My father in Cairo weeks before he’d be assassinated at age 39. Despite following his every move an FBI informant called him, “a man of high moral character who neither smokes nor drinks.” He spoke truth to power, and we know that truth is timeless. Rest In Peace, Dad 2/21/1965🌟

Android : A letter written by a deceased New York police officer alleges the NYPD and FBI conspired to have civil rights leader Malcolm X assassinated in 1965. The NYPD says a review is underway. The FBI has not commented.


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Android : Ray Woods confession further exposes the United States denial that it has no political prisoners as an outright lie. Many of our brave freedom fighters like Sundiata Acoli who was a Panther 21 are in still in prison. We must demand their immediate release.

Android : The Ray Wood's confession follows the new insight on the FBI’s role in the murder of the 21-year-old Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark when Chicago police raided Hampton’s apartment on December 4, 1969.…

Android : The full confession trusted to a family member was also released detailing Wood's role in helping to frame members of the Revolutionary Action Movement, the Nation of Islam, the Panther 21 & the Organization of African American Unity. Watch Press Event:…

Android : BREAKING: Today the daughters of Malcolm X held a press conference to release the confession letter they received from NYPD agent, Ray Wood. In the letter he admits to assisting the NYPD & FBI in the orchestrated murder of Malcolm X.

Android : Ray's confession collaborates the testimony of the Panther 21 that they were set-up. The plan to blow up the Statue of Liberty was fabricated by Ray and his NYPD handlers.

Android : Ray confesses working with NYPD to set up Malcolm Xs security team for arrest so they would be absent in the Audubon Ballroom the day Malcolm was assassinated.

Press Conference: The reading of Ray Wood, Black NYPD agent’s written deathbed confession that the NYPD & the FBI killed Malcolm X and set up the Panther 21.…

iPhone : (3/3) Join us this Monday, February 1st at 7PM EST on Revolutionary African Perspectives [], hosted by Nyeusi Jami, for a remembrance & reflection on the life of #NehandaAbiodun with NAPO & MXGM founder, Mama Chinganji Akinyela, her sister in the struggle.

iPhone : (2/3) Mama #NehandaAbiodun believed that everyone has a role in our revolutionary struggle for liberation. This is your invitation.

Pour libation, cry tears, sing songs, refresh alters and pass the eight bowls. Long live the spirit of Nehanda Abiodun! Ase. Ase. Aseooo.

iPhone : (1/3)Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the ancestral transition of our beloved Mama #NehandaAbiodun. As a founder of NAPO & MXGM, her life was a commitment to the self-determination & national liberation of New Afrikan | Black people & oppressed people all over the world.

Android : UPDATE: Maroon has tested negative for COVID after contracting it in Dec.

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We Are Maroon: A Teach-In for Russell Maroon Shoatz!

Maroons move on Morrison Code: the function of freedom is to free someone else. It is our duty to free our freedom fighters. It is our duty to win. Join us!
#WeAreMaroon #FreeEmAll

Android : Send our Elder, Baba #VeronzaBowers, a birthday card or letter as he will be turning 75 on February 4th.
Veronza Bowers, Jr. #35316-136
FCI Butner Medium II
P.O. Box 1500
Butner, NC 27509

Android : Sundiata Acoli is a victim of the FBI’s COINTELPRO efforts. He has been incarcerated for 47 years & his continued incarceration is a drain on resources. He turns 84 years old on January 14th, let’s work to get him free. For more info: #BringSundiataHome

Android : Today, Sundiata Acoli turns 84, in his 48th year behind bars. It is well past time to #BringSundiataHome - join the movement at - and donate via PayPal or Zelle to - #FreeOurElders

Android : Calling all comrades! Baba Sundiata Acoli will be 84 years old on January 14th & deserves to be free! Sundiata was hospitalized with COVID-19 in April 2020, is an Elder & needs our immediate support. He has been incarcerated for 47 years. Please join us to #BringSundiataHome!!!

Android : TODAY: Incarcerated New Yorkers, victim & survivor advocates, and 25+ lawmakers are launching the People’s Campaign for
Parole Justice to promote meaningful release opportunities for people in New York State prisons. Join us:… #ParoleJusticeNY

Android : Furaha Kuzaliwa Sundiata Acoli!
Today our elder turns 84 and has been incarcerated for 47 years. He is a survivor of FBIS COINTELPRO program and deserves to be free.

Join| Donate| Support The Sundiata Freedom Campaign TODAY!! #BringSundiataHome