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Maikode (Commissions Open)

Bio | Baking Beast | 28 | gay | taken🐮💜🐻 | he/him | autistic |

Loves to draw, cook, and is open for commissions!

Dive into your own fantasy!

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Android : This tweet below talks about a person that is just... Awful.

That word alone barely scratches the surface. I deeply sympathize with anyone and everyone that met, talked, or has done things with them.

Be cautious and wary of Nasir…

Android : kinoko I read as much as I could before I felt really, really sick.

All I wanna do is give all those that were victimized a big hug and tell them it's going to be okay.

That Nasir asshole needs therapy or something to fix that black heart of theirs.

I'm so, so sorry..😢

Android : Its perfect. 🥰 #maomaoheroesofpureheart #maomao

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Android : Words Matter.

They really do.

Enough with bullies
Enough with toxicity
Enough with cowards

If it makes you feel good to make someone feel bad then go get help.

Be kind. Be better. Be accountable.

It HAS to stop. And it can.

Android : Progress video!

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