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Twitter Web App : The “stimulus” bill as it is written has billions for “Expenses and Salaries” for government bureaucrats. BILLIONS. It’s a complete con job on the American people. It was exactly like reading the damn Omnibus bill. Millions and millions for the FCC to help with “Telemedicine”😡

Twitter Web App : l E T 17 My 17 year old son is a child. He cant cook he can barely drive he cant work a full time job he isn't allowed to vote and the list goes on. That's the brainwashing they forced on us to make us believe children are older than they actually are.

Twitter Web App : Down they fall :: Lawyer, 74, is handcuffed outside his Ohio home after it's raided by FBI agents over allegation that he directed sex trafficking ring that left one woman dead and five missing mol.im/a/8152311 via Daily Mail Online

Twitter Web App : Suzianna Earth is moving into the 5D frequency that's what is changing DNA. The collective consciousness of the planet is raising to 5d.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING:

The US Department of Justice has weighed in on a Connecticut lawsuit over transgender athletes

The DOJ’s position—Don’t treat trans athletes as girls.

There are only 2 genders

RT if they should ban all trans athletes from competing in high school & collegiate sports

Twitter Web App : have the same roots. So dont forget they have an agen-da to use pro-pagan-da and pandemics.Q said THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED
#WWG1WGA #QAnon #Themoreyouknow #RestoretheRepublic

Twitter Web App : *da as in pro-pagan-da has a root meaning of to divide. It forms part of the words Democracy Demon Epidemic Pandemic. So kids Democrats want to divide its right in the name. We live in a Democracy and this country is definitely divided right? Democracy and Demon

Twitter Web App : As mandatory social distancing forces Americans and federal government employees to telework, the FBI is using coronavirus as an excuse to shut down its electronic public records operations.
Read: jwatch.us/ceDjP5

Twitter Web App : So Ellen couldn’t host her own show (reasons we already know).

Alec Baldwin filled in to mock us knowing they love sexually abusing children and getting their useful idiot audience to laugh at children touching the Disney characters privates.

The fear is in their boasting.

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