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Bio climate activist.
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Android : Журнал «7x7» исполнилось десять лет, и я с небольшим опозданием решил записать видео в их поддержку.
Низовые движения и СМИ - это круто!

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Android : Моя 63 неделя.
Кажется, что все бессмысленно и ничего не получается, но это не так. Да, сейчас всем сложно, но мы еще покричим на улицах, выйдем на массовые пикеты и митинги, добъемся климатической справедливости и прекрасной России будущего.

Android : Polluters Out is launching an 8 week campaign to uplift the voices & stories of indigenous people and on the ground activists. We are putting together a series of webinars, posts, and lives on our social medias. Join Us!
Video curtsey of Global Citizen
Extinction Rebellion @fff_digitl

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Android : It's not ok to arrest or intimidate people for activism.
Instead of solving the ecological problems, local authorities prefer to persecute the activists for the posts on social networks. The activists should be supported and thanked for their public work. Not arrested.…

Android : 14th week🌻✨
Todays #DigitalStrike Dedicated to International Climate Day
I am very glad that I have the opportunity to participate and bring, albeit so far a small, but benefit
And thanks to those who are participating in this..
You are very good people!💚
Thanks you!🌞

Android : happy international climate day to all!

the weather is cloudy (because Im in Saint-Petersburg haha), but I celebrate it by participating in a dance challenge #танцуемзаклимат 💃

Fridays For Future Russia FFF Digital

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