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iPhone : Trump Removed the IG Investigating Elaine Chao. Chao's Husband, Mitch McConnell, Already Vetted the Replacement. || By Donald K. Sherman…

iPhone : A very happy birthday [76!] to legendary staff writer Richard Sisk, who has seen more history firsthand than most of us have read in school. He served in Vietnam as a Marine Corps officer and worked many years on the beat at UPI and the NY Daily News 1/n

iPhone : "So the enemy get hundreds of IEDs, put them in fridges... and just float them down the river at the bridge. So there's the Tigris River full of bombs floating towards the bridge, with the Iraqi Army firing every heavy-caliber weapon at them."…

iPhone : Religious institutions should provide soap and hand sanitizer, encourage the use of cloth masks and clean their facilities daily if they want to open while coronavirus is still spreading, the CDC says in newly released guidance

iPhone : Wow. Joe Biden apologizes. Can you imagine?! A leader who cops to the possibility that they made a mistake & offended people... Does that make him weak? No! It makes him a humble, decent human being with genuine strength of character. I’m voting for Joe & the woman he runs with!

iPhone : I had a terrible time, trying to get to sleep, last night.....
.....only to wake up, to this nightmare.
What do all these assholes, have in common?

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iPhone : America is losing its mind!

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iPhone : Unemployment as high as the Great Depression.

Nearly 100K Americans dead from COVID-19.

And the Senate is voting on lifetime judges because Mitch McConnell hasn't “felt the urgency of acting immediately."

If you needed to reason to help us flip the Senate in 2020, this is it.

iPhone : Dear Historians of the Future:

Yes; he was desperate, criminal & stupid enough to publicly extort a state he needed, unless the voters were forced to risk their own lives by gathering on Election Day.

But what’ll surprise you most is how a numb gaslit US did nothing abt it.…

iPhone : Why is Russia's reported death rate from the coronavirus so much lower than in the US or UK? One reason may be that one out of every three doctors surveyed say they have been told to attribute deaths by covid-19 to another disease.…

iPhone : The death toll amounts to 12 airliners crashing every day for two months. Yet Americans are hardly awash with shared grief.

Is it too abstract? Incomprehensible?

Our look at an atomized, compartmentalizing country at a grim milestone — w Noah Bierman…

iPhone : “A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed against Rachel Maddow, finding she did not defame One America News when she said it was ‘Russian propaganda.’”…

iPhone : “Few people knew anyone who died on 9/11, but it was not ‘those people.’ It was all of us.”

All these quiet deaths — in private rooms, mostly in cities — are less affecting in a fragmented country responsive to images and reliant on preferred narratives.…

iPhone : At least 161 children in New York have gotten sick — and 3 have died — from a mysterious syndrome linked to the coronavirus. A team of more than 30 disease detectives is now racing to learn more.

iPhone : This story is about General Kelly’s right hand man. He sold the US government millions of dollars worth of useless masks. The grifting never stops with Trump’s staff past and present.…