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iPhone : Floyd family calls for peace!
Peace on the left justice on the right

iPhone : Trump calls governors “weak”

Trump berated the nation’s governors on a conference call, describing them as “weak” in the face of growing racial unrest and urging them to try to “dominate” unruly protests by force.…

iPhone : We are seeing a hijacking of a legitimate protest movement. There are people who are using the protests as a cover to steal and to sow the seeds of anarchy.

They are exploiting this moment for their own purposes. We see through that.

iPhone : BREAKING: Colorado cops seize weapons and military gear from boogaloo bois (anti-government, ammo-sexual, gun humping, far-right extremists preparing for a second civil war) who took part in #GeorgeFloyd protests.

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorge…

iPhone : “If we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.”…

iPhone : .Joe Biden isn’t waiting to give the country the leadership they want & need. He’s stepping up now. These mayors have had to deal with so much over the last few weeks & months. As President, Joe Biden will be a true partner in the White House for mayors across the country.…

iPhone : “What is Antifa?
Antifa - short for anti-fascist action - is a protest movement that strongly opposes neo-Nazis, fascism, white supremacists and racism. It is considered to be a loosely organised group of activists with no leaders.
Most members oppose all forms of racism...

iPhone : Message to media. Stop saying Trump is unable or lacks capacity to handle this crisis. DO NOT GIVE HIM THIS OUT!!! This is INTENTIONAL AND DELIBERATE on his part. This crisis is not because he lacks ability, this crisis is exactly what he has called for since inauguration.

iPhone : After another night of unrest in America, I’m hosting a virtual roundtable with mayors from across the country to discuss where we go from here. Tune in:…

iPhone : We saw peaceful protests in pursuit of positive, long overdue change.

We saw police officers take a knee.

We saw protesters trying to *stop* looting & violence.

Show that on TV too.

iPhone : I know the past few months have been hard and dispiriting. But watching the heightened activism of young people makes me hopeful. And if we can keep channeling our justifiable anger into peaceful, sustained, and effective action, this can be the moment when real change starts.

iPhone : [THREAD] This morning I took a few moments to read a powerful essay written by our former president, Barack Obama, about how we can make this moment a turning point for real change in our country. I felt hopeful and inspired in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time.

iPhone : This is a really good question for @msnbc and @cnn; this isn't a function of the Biden campaign. This is a narrative created by the media but also the result of media decisions of what not to carry.…